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Xbox 360.... :)

knobby Oct 12, 2007

  1. knobby

    knobby Member

    Hi Guys

    Sorry i know this is NON VAG related, However thought some of you might be interested as I know ya all like a deal and like saving some dollar..

    I am able to provide a service to mod Xbox 360's to allow them to play backup games (This allows you to make a copy of the originial so ya expensive originials doesn't get scratched!) , I can also offer repairs on the xbox, so if you are suffering with the 3 Red lights of death i can sort this, and i can also modifiy the unit for better cooling and quieter running.

    I can do this from anywhere in the country, will send a courier in to collect and a courier will delivery the unit back to you.

    If anyone is interested PM me.


  2. Bash_A3

    Bash_A3 Member

    I'm thinking of getting a second one just for this, got a few costly house repairs to do first though. Its worth mentioning that in all likelyhood the console will be banned from live afterwards.
  3. knobby

    knobby Member


    This isnt entirely true.. My xbox is one from release day, it was flashed when the mod was released and i have never been banned. There are patches out now that protect the box from being banned. However yes there is the possiblity the box could be banned from XBL.

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