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xbox 350 premium, not for me, poss swap?

Andy D Mar 7, 2008

  1. Andy D

    Andy D Member

    Unfortunately I traded in our PS2 and now I'm thinking it mIght not have been the best idea I've had[​IMG]

    The PS2 was extremely easy to use without too many menus/options etc, just load the disk and bobs yer uncle.

    The xbox seems a bit more for the hardcore online gamer and the kids have got fed up trying to work it out as have I.

    Gayle (her indoors) prefered the PS2 as she felt the controls a lot more ergonomic and it was easy to switch on and play without going through all sorts of tutorials on every game.

    On this note we might try and get it changed for a PS3, we bought it preowned fron Game in Greenock, and with the games etc it cost us/me a small fortune.

    what do you guys think, is the PS3 more user friendly for the amature gamer, and will the kids find it easier to use.

    BTW anyone interested in buying the bundle from me or swapping for a PS3 bundle, cash either way depending on what's on offer, drop me a line.[​IMG]

    includes-Xbox 360 premium with 20G hard drive
    2 x wireless controllers
    HD Cable
    usb battery charger for controllers
    all wires in internet connection cable

    5 Games.
    Ghost recon 2
    ridgeracer 6
    Acme Arsenal
    Assassins Creed
  2. danotto

    danotto VAG HUNTER

    the ps3 is set out the same as the psp if you have ever used one,a lot simpler and in my oppinion a better console than the xbox as it is more powerful has a bluray dvd player and eventually will have much more extras than the xbox.
  3. Kontraband

    Kontraband Active Member

    the XMB (the menu system on PS3) is easy for a gamer to use. But possibly for a non gamer its a mass of options that they might have no idea what to do with.

    You can however set the PS3 to just auto start the game as soon as you put the disc in. Dead easy.
  4. Kontraband

    Kontraband Active Member

    did you change it then Andy??

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