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x5 17inch Avus wheels, B5 S4/A4

jgell24 Jul 14, 2012

  1. jgell24

    jgell24 New Member

    All 5 wheels were fully refurbished just last year, the refurb consisted of a complete wheel shot blast and powder coat... With less than a year on the road they still look as new with only a few very minor stone chips that you would have to look pretty hard to find... Also come with 4 genuine centre caps,

    Tyres are all 225-45-17
    x2 Dunlop SP Sport01 tyres 5-6mm
    x2 Continental Extreme Contact 4mm
    x1 Bridgestone Potenza 6-7mm

    All wheels are balanced and ready to go... I'm asking £425ono for the lot... Located in Fife, collection preferred but welcome to organize your own courier.


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