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Wrapping my door trims

matt123890 Aug 20, 2010

  1. matt123890

    matt123890 Member

    Hi guys any advise on the following !!

    I am sat at work at the moment trying to Wrap my honeycomb effect aluminum trims from my sportback with brushed aluminium be cause when i got the car someone had managed to scratch the orginal ones !

    Am i just **** or is it really hard to do without ruining the finish underneath as it doesnt seem to adhere to the metal !
    and dont wanna ruin the finish because i may not like the brushed look

    Any advise ??

    (maybe i am just **** )):banghead:
  2. pjmspeedy

    pjmspeedy Dude, what's mine say ?

    Are you using a hairdryer to warm the wrap up as you do it ?
  3. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    Where did you get the brushed vinyl from mate, i cant find it anywhere! All the vinyl places just do plain silver.

    and yeah, second heating it up. Because you trims are metal they will likely be quite cold hence the adherance issues. Warm them up and it should stick fine.
  4. matt123890

    matt123890 Member

    ok guys cheers for the info i was warming them up and it stick was being a pain but i was using a small heat gun will try a hairdryer cause bit more heat from it and i got the vinyl of ebay but took for ever to come and the guys said he had posted it but he actually posted it 6 days after he said !! according to the postal stamps anyway !!
  5. Scott

    Scott Well-Known Member

    I'm in the process of wrapping my trims in 3M carbon vinyl. I'm wrapping piano black inlays and have no problems other than it being awkward and having air bubbles/stretching the weave. I've done my gear surround which I'm happy with. I've just done my passenger door inlay today & I think it's much better than my last attempt which had a few slight stretches so I'll leave it a few days and decide whether I'm 100% happy with it or if I want to redo it (basically if I notice anything in different light). Keep us updated how you get on!
  6. FranA3

    FranA3 FMDETAILING Regional Rep Site Sponsor Gold Supporter Audi A3 Team Brill Red

    finally came then matt lol took a while didnt it good luck with fitting it hope it goes well mate pics when its done ! im ordering my carbon wrap on monday off ebay i hope it comes quick lol

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