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Wrap or tints

matt1.8t Sep 5, 2012

  1. matt1.8t

    matt1.8t Member

    Hey all
    I'm a tinter and vehicle wrapper by trade so of anybody wants any advice on such things then please don't hesitate to ask. I have mates across the country who could do great rates for members looking for any work to be done
    If there's anyone else like on here hope I havnt offended anyone
  2. ChrisFurlong

    ChrisFurlong Avantageous

    Hi Matt,

    I'd love to get my A6 saloon tinted. Any idea how much it will cost?

    I'm in Aldershot, Hampshire, near Guildford. I would like all the windows done bar the windscreen (I know the legality of having the front windows done, but if I can get it done, I'll take the risk).

    Would just like a light tint, had 25% done on my old A4 and it was just right.

    Thanks mate,
  3. matt1.8t

    matt1.8t Member

    Be in the region of £210 plus. But that's me and not them. Even though they wouldn't be far off.
    Got a mate about an hour from you so you'll have to go to there shop etc.
    Hes an awesome tinter and is well respected. I'll grab more details for you tomorrow

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