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Would you put two stroke in a diesel engine to clean the inside of the engine out?!

theo289 Nov 2, 2013

  1. theo289

    theo289 Member

    Rather strange as a question but would you put two stroke in diesel fuel to clean out the engine? Reasons why i am asking this questions is that an old friend of mine who has a Ford Mondeo ST Diesel with around 100k miles on did exactly this and said that it improved the car, its MPG and cleaned out the engine! Supposedly this is something commonly done - is it wise? Will i just ****** up the engine?

    Feedback appreciated :)
  2. @udi A3

    @udi A3 Site Sponsor Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    I always add 200 ml every 3-4 tanks if I've not used optimax. Has to be red mineral based low ash oil. Not synthetic stuff. Done no harm and hardly smokes at all when using it on my Pd engine
  3. theo289

    theo289 Member

    Okay great! what is the perks of doing it except for smoke?
  4. TDI140

    TDI140 Well-Known Member

    My mechanic use to put £2 of petrol in every like 3 months with a full tank of diesel in his a4 2.5tdi said it helps clean the system and fuel line and injectors ive never done it personally but might be good for the car, i usually use forte diesel treatment
  5. s3_sid

    s3_sid Active Member

    i wouldn't bother to be honest no need to add oil to the fuel, it will increase the combustion temperature and may result in damage to the turbo, it is also not designed to run through the tiny holes in the pd injector of which can cause issues and the fact that vw/audi state not to run any additives just regular diesel
  6. gtiboy

    gtiboy Member

    I do it every 2-3 tankfulls .
    It came highly recommended and also increased the mileage .
    A6 2.5tdi quattro sport triptronic 550miles on a full tank. (long run and about 80 miles around town )
    happy with that
    Absolutley disgusting around town it is

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