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Would I be mad to order a new S3 Sportback now?

Ben H Apr 15, 2012

  1. Ben H

    Ben H On a journey...

    My current S3 Sportback is nearly 2 years old now. It's everything I could want in a car and has a great spec, except I'd really love to have auto lights / wipers (or comfort package) and although the Brilliant Red paintwork is quite nice, I'd prefer subtler colour.

    I'm really struggling to find anything that matches the current S3 SB as a package. The 335i Touring is close as a package, but is slightly larger than my wife would want and is at just the same stage in its model cycle as the S3. Ditto the Golf R, which also works out about 10% more expensive than an S3 overall.

    Obviously the all-new 2013 A3 will be with us later this year, but I can't see a new S3 Sportback arriving for another 18+ months. The RS3 is a contender, but would cost me about £6k more over 2 years (depreciation, fuel etc).

    Would I be mad to order a new S3 at this stage? Taking all factors into account, a new S3 would cost me about £3k more over the next 2 years than my current car (assuming I didn't retrofit auto lights / wipers to my current car).
  2. mjr901

    mjr901 Guest

    the new cars are bound to have teething problems. I'd get one now then chop it in for the new version after they've gone wrong a bit first. :)
  3. reid1

    reid1 Watch this space

    Go 4 it mate new s3 could b two years away
  4. mojo555

    mojo555 Member

    i had the same dilemma and looked around but eventually ordered from Hayley or Chris (spoke to Hayley then dealt with Chris)at Harrogate Audi, they had access to some stock cars so swapped within a couple of weeks at a price better than everyone i spoke to....

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