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Worrying knocking noise...sounds expensive...what is it?!

Kermit Mar 3, 2011

  1. Kermit

    Kermit New Member

    There's a sickening "clonk" coming from the drivetrain somewhere and it's getting slowly worse. Thought i'd troubleshoot with you all to see if anyone has experienced this too. Having done some searching it sounds like similar symptoms to a broken Haldex mount, but since mine is FWD it can't be that. Other threads have suggested anti-roll bar bushes but there's no noise associated with suspension movement. Any help appreciated: :unsure:

    Car: '07 Sportback, 2.0 TFSI with DSG, 43k miles. DSG oil changed at 35k. Serviced as per required. Reported this at the last service but Audi couldn't find anything out of the ordinary so I left it (even though it was still doing it).

    Symptoms: Knocking/clonk when cold (and generally less than 10c outside temp) occurs when there is significant change in torque/loading. E.g. when I shift from 'P' to 'D' or 'R' and the gear engages there is sometimes knock. Most significantly though it's at low speeds, generally in 1st or 2nd, after accelerating slightly I release the throttle and the torque reverses back through the car there is a much louder knock (often a few to match the slight kangarooing you get at low speeds in low gears when you let go of the throttle).

    Not noticeable in 3rd/4th+ gears. Also the knocking stops once the car has warmed up.

    It's hard to pin point where it's coming from. From the drivers seat looking forwards it sounds like the knocking is coming from the rear of the car, but turn your head slighty and you'd swear it was coming from somewhere in the engine bay.

    There's lots it could be I guess... any ideas? Thanks all.
  2. waqi

    waqi Member

    1 quick thing to check is that all the bolts are fully tight, i know it sounds stupid but it happened to me once and the knocking noises were similar

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