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Worried. Engine noises.

Josh-h Mar 9, 2014

  1. Josh-h

    Josh-h Member

    Concerned. 1st off all so you know what engine it's a 2.0l TFSI. Just pulled up at home and just b4 turning the ignition off my engine started to ticking and whistling really loud on tick over. Not sure why as it's a petrol and didn't think it should. Any ideas what it is. Thanks josh.
  2. XFi

    XFi In need of a V8.

    ticking is pretty normal and its the injectors most likely. Not sure on the whistling might be wise to make a video to see if you can catch the noise?
  3. AudiA32.0FSI

    AudiA32.0FSI New Member

    Another worried one ! Same hit me.It gets some getting used too....I thought the oil was to thin since it was filled up to the line.

    Agree just the injectors - Just one of the features of fuel stratified injection engines

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