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Worn out dashboard lights etc

manikm May 7, 2004

  1. manikm

    manikm Member

    I have a 1998 A4 SE - I was wondering - can the red info lcds\dot matrix displays be replaced when they get worn out?
  2. mastertech

    mastertech Member

    no mate part of the complete dash insert.
  3. Patrick

    Patrick Member

    RSW is correct. It's a VERY common prob. If you are lucky, warranty. Other wise approach customer services once you get a quote from a stealership to replace. Complain abou the fact that this is clearly a design fault and the price for the replacement is outrageous given the unaccetable level of reliability these items have. The A4 front end suspension kit is a clear case where Audi have obviously dropped the price of the components as they were so prone to wear. They should be applying the same to the dash pod given some of the quotes some people have received i.e. anything £400 to £800. failing that a scrappies or VAGPARTS.

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