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woohoo! new s3 has arrived early at dealer!

s3forthemrs Apr 10, 2010

  1. s3forthemrs

    s3forthemrs Member

    I got a surprise phonecall from my dealer this week to tell me that the S3 has arrived early!! We were expecting it at the end of April. Order was placed on 8th Feb and arrived at dealer on 8th March! That's a really quick turnaround for a factory order. Will be picking up next weekend! I've popped in to see it, it's currently still all wrapped up and looks great! I still need to sell the wifes current car - anyone know anyone interested in buying a mini cooper s?!

    Phantom Black
    Half leather/alcantara seats (didn't like the look of the standard embossed leather and didn't want to pay out for the nappa leather)
    Silver head lining (this is going to be a baby car so wanted to have a lighter, brighter interior)
    Light and rain sensor pack
    Tyre pressure monitoring
    Reversible boot mat
    Storage pack (the storage nets are going to come in handy to hold baby stuff!)
    Sun screens for rear windows (will stop the sun streaming in on the little one in the back)
    Non-smoking pack
    Interior light pack
    Rear parking sensors
    DVD sat nav

    Was too late to add through load option and roof rails!

    Roll on next weekend!! Woohoo!
  2. HM1975

    HM1975 Member

    Nice spec, I hope to pick up my new S3 next weekend too just waiting on the DVLA to do a cherished number transfer :)
  3. L33TAY

    L33TAY Member

    Bet you can't wait!!

    That is a V quick turn around!, they are quoting Min 4 months at the moment, so if ordering now its worth hanging on for a '61' plate i'd have thought??

    Lets see that pics when you get

  4. Sarah's A3

    Sarah's A3 MODERATOR V6 S3 Hybrid Moderator

    Wow, bet you are sooooo excited! Post pics when you have it!!! Keep it clean now lol....
  5. thebott

    thebott Member

    :applaus: Nice spec , have fun keeping it clean .
  6. s3forthemrs

    s3forthemrs Member

    Am really quite excited about picking up the car next weekend! I think I was very lucky with the turn around time, even the sales guy said that he was shocked!!

    4 months wait seems ridiculous! And yes I would agree that in that case it would make more sense to delay until September for new reg. I guess it may depend on whether the dealer already has an allocation in the pipeline that they can tailor to fit the spec that you're after. When I placed my order, the sales guy told me that I could potentially have a new car as soon as next week if I was prepared to be flexible on the spec - they had a fully loaded Silver SB in their forecourt that has just arrived and not been prepped yet, and they also had a an Ibis in their group that was arriving in time for March that was a cancellation. I was actually quite tempted by the Ibis, but it had two-tone black and white seats... nothing wrong with that!! But not for me because I was after a far more conservative look!

    I already have another black metallic car and I'm aware of the challenges of keeping it looking clean!! They're all going to get dirty and there's nothing I can do about it!! But the way a black car looks when it's been cleaned properly... that just can't be beaten! Black cars look amazing when cleaned properly because of all the reflections. Even if it only looks that way for about 10mins... every month or so... I can live with it looking a little dusty or dirty for the rest of the time!!
  7. The Maestro

    The Maestro S3 ~ MTM 330BHP ~ Milltek TBE

    There are quite a lot of unregistered, Audi.Uk S3's lying about - "Audi.UK" meaning that any dealer can access them! My new one was one of these after missing an opportunity on a solar orange S3 Sportback up in Bradford. So when that fell through I called my local dealer who had access to about 10 on the national network. ****** would I ever wait 4 months for a car unless it was a re-order of the same, new car. Also, these S3's on the National Network have some good deals on them.

    Has anyone else had a dealer say the same thing? Coz hey, ya never know whether a dealer's words are true or not for a myriad of Audi-Internal reasons lol.

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