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Wont go into 1st gear after clutch brake

Keith MacRae May 4, 2012

  1. Keith MacRae

    Keith MacRae New Member

    Hello all,

    Ok so have a 1996 A3 18T, just done over the 100k mark. never had any gear selecting pboblems before. duh duh duh

    The metal clip which connects the clutch pedal to the clutch rod (right above pedal) broke, so pedal went flat to floor. I was only a couple of miles from my local garage so pulled over and pulled it out of gear. Trying to get it into 1st when rolling slighly caused a bit of grinding and a bit of force but finally got it in and limped back to garage.

    So new clip was welded onto pedal and clutch seems fine. But selecting 1st gear is a not on the cards. It just wont go into position at all. all others are fine. So did a bit of reading up on here, I'm thinking its gear linkage or selector bent or something. I dont beleive its gearbox as it wont even let me get that far.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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