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Wondering if I'll need a spacer if I bought these wheels...

Stormtec May 18, 2013

  1. Stormtec

    Stormtec New Member

    Hi all,

    It does seem lke this is an oft-repeated topic, but I'm still trying to get my head around the whole business of wheel specifications and measurements, and what they all mean.

    So I was looking at these on eBay:

    Audi S3/A3 Genuine 18" Alloys 5 x112 et52 fit A4 A5 A6 GOLF IN GREY | eBay

    Says they're genuined alloys for A3/S3, but their offset is 52? Going by the information I found on here:

    Audi guide for correct wheel fitment, PCD, and offset of your car | Alloy Wheel Fitment

    The highest offset for both A3 & S3 is 50?

    So aside from me wondering whether they are in fact "genuine" or not, if I happened to buy these, would I need a spacer to reduce the offset to somewhere between 45-50 (to fit on an 8P3 1.8TFSI, which is currently sporting factory 16" alloys)?

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