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Wolf's Chemicals Body Wrap + Shine & Seal Forsale

MattyW19 Apr 2, 2012

  1. MattyW19

    MattyW19 Member


    I'm not sure if this is posted in the correct place, but I couldn't find the sales section - Sorry about that!

    I recently purchased (last week) the Wolf's Chemicals Body Wrap and Shine & Seal. I've used it over the weekend, and I personally prefer the Werkstat - But that's my taste!!

    The Body Wrap is almost full and has approx 130ml left (on line with the scientifically word). The Shine & Seal has slightly abit more than the Body wrap.

    As I paid just over £50 I would be ideally looking for £40 delivered.

    Give us a PM if your interested - Thanks
  2. ElliottB

    ElliottB Audi A3

    Your ment to post in the for sale section.

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