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Wobbly idle and flat spots

sebbelcher Jun 4, 2009

  1. sebbelcher

    sebbelcher Member

    Hi again everyone,

    I've started to notice that the 900rpm idle on my Cab is starting to shake the car a bit more than it used to, vibrations through the chassis and most noticeably through the steering wheel. When it's at fast idle (1100rpm) cold, vibration is much less. Is this symptomatic of anything? I did a VAG-COM on the ECU a week ago, no codes were reported.

    Also, ever since I've had the car I've been confused by the acceleration of the 1.8T engine, this is my first turbo, so it might just be my lack of experience with them, but I definitely get an inconsistent drive.
    When the car is up to temperature, the turbo will normally kick in around 2500 - 3000 rpm, but sometimes it doesn't... Occasionally I will pull off the lights and Renault Espaces will leave me for dust because the turbo just doesn't kick in when it normally would, giving a massive drop off in acceleration. In this situation, the turbo will not start kicking in again until I let the revs drop back down to under around 2000 for a few moments and 'try again'.

    I'm not a rough driver, and by no means push the engine, I usually change up around 2500-3000rpm, I'm wonderin if my conservative driving around the turbo kick-in range is causing the system to not be able to boost when I want it to sometimes?

    Any thoughts?

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