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WMI set up - remap advice

Nagasaki Nov 10, 2013

  1. Nagasaki

    Nagasaki Phooey

    Recently had Devils Own WMI system installed and despite the controller being setup according to engine specs (thanks Bruce/Alfie) and the car going well I'm thinking it could do with a proper custom remap. Currently Revo Stage 2 map installed by my local VAG specialist who looks after the car for me, but with the combination of bits on it (listed below in signature) and having more recently read quite a few threads on here about the right order to do things in I'd be happier if it was setup again as it hasn't been on a rolling road yet.
    Any suggestions where I could go appreciated. Based in Berkshire.

    Also interested in opinions on running without the SMIC and shortening/tidying up pipework as have searched a bit but not found any examples or advocates.
    Constant large supply of Methanol and distilled water not an issue and much larger ally tank being fabricated to replace the current small one.
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