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Wiring rears direct to HU

DrNo Mar 22, 2008

  1. DrNo

    DrNo New Member

    I thought I would run the rear speakers direct to my new HU this weekend, bypassing the amp which by all accounts isn't much cop (A4 saloon B6-non bose rear amped). From past posts it seems running wires to the amp and connecting with speaker cable there is the best option. So if anyone has done this:
    1. What is the easiest way to run wire from the cabin to the boot?
    2. Ditto removing the right hand side boot lining (I've pulled the top out enough to see the amp but seems held in pretty firm)?
    3. Which wires from the amp relate to the rh and lh speakers (I can just about see a connector attached to the amp which a number of wires running of it) ie their colour or pin position?
    4. If doing it this way on my car might be difficult, would it be easier to just connect to the speaker wire under the B-pillar trim?
    Hope someone is able to advise, cheers.

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