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Wiring questions

Jonesymk2 Aug 16, 2012

  1. Jonesymk2

    Jonesymk2 Member

    Does anybody have any wiring diagrams for an APY S3,I changed the engine in mine over the weekend and since it's all been back together it feels sluggish,I just need to make sure I've reconnected all the plugs back to the correct sensors,some of them are obvious but I found some of the plugs were the same,as far as I know I've got them all correct but just want to double check,I've also removed the SAI pump aswell but not put a resistor in the wiring yet so would this make any difference atall

    One section of wiring has got 2 plugs on one I've got plugged into the n112 valve and the other plug then goes to the power steering pump is that correct

    Theres a bit of wiring that comes from behind the drivers side headlight which is plugged into a water pump for the turbo

    The last one I'm not to sure about is the plug for the n75 valve which I've got coming from under the airbox on its own,just below the n75 valve is a water pipe with 2 sensors in it,1 plug for the water sensors is the same as the n75 but I'm presuming the 2 water sensor plugs will be on the same section of wirin

    Im going to do the n249 bypass aswell tomorrow and also going to get rid of the oil breather pipes aswell just to make it a bit tidier and easier to work around things
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