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Wiring harness for aftermarket HU? (Concert, rear-amplified)

xendless Apr 22, 2013

  1. xendless

    xendless New Member

    Hello all!

    Just replaced my aging 1998 A3 with a 2003 A3 - so it's time for the traditional game of Pin The Head-Unit to the Weird Audi Sound System™…

    So, it's a Concert CD player in the dash, with non-bose amplified rears and sub. I'm trying to stuff an Alpine HU with RCA pre-outs in the dash-hole. I have the active system adapter from the previous A3 which consists of an ISO harness plus a dongle which converts two RCA pre-outs from the HU into the female red brick connector for the rear speakers (plus a blue/white 'Remote On' lead to switch on the amp).

    This does not seem to work, the sound level is far too low at the rear - even setting the HU fader all the way to rear there is very little sound.

    I am thinking that I need a different adapter. I am thinking that the adapter I need may be this one:

    Connects 2 > ProductInformation

    (I know it says 'rear Bose', but I'm pretty sure I read somewhere here that there is no such animal)

    I assume that that black box is doing some kind of black magic to the rear speaker signals from the head unit in order to tone them down for the amp - would this be even slightly correct?

    Or am I barking down the wrong path? Maybe it's a totally different harness I need?

    If anyone here versed in the intricacies of Audi stereo equipment can shed some light it would be much appreciated! Andymac, I believe you're the ICE guru around these parts?

    Thanks in advance…


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