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Wiring diagram for my S4 headlight plug?

Russboy Jul 4, 2008

  1. Russboy

    Russboy Active Member

    Basically (yes I know not everyone will like this but I thought I would give it a go!) I bought these on ebay to go on my S4 Avant:

    Prob is that the connection on the back of them uses a round plug where as mine have a square plug. No major probs i suppose just a question of matching up the correct wires. May well end up using my electrical tester to work out what wire goes where, after all there is a positiv and a negative for sidelight, dipped and main beam, so in theory 6 cables although there are 7 in the plug.
    So any ideas what numbers 1-7 wires are, obviously the browns will be the earth, but thought if someone had a wiring diagram it would make it a little easier on me,

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