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Wiper judder driving me insane!

Smiffi Aug 5, 2013

  1. Smiffi

    Smiffi Member

    Guys, I really need your help. I started getting juddering wipers on my 2012 S3 a while back so I took it to the dealers. They kinda said its not covered by warranty but agreed to replace the wipers. Anyway a few hundred miles later and it started again. I thought it might be something to do with a rain repelling product I used (can't remember which one) so I used fairy washing up liquid, autoglym glass polish then several cleans with fast glass. Still the same so I eventually decided to repeat the process and replace the wipers with some brand new Bosch twin blades. Guess what, a few days later and it's back!!! It actually making me think about getting rid of the car!! Does anyone else get this or more importantly, resolved it? Can the pressure of the wiper arms be charged?

    Any help would be welcome. Admittedly not a huge problem compared to some but very very frustrating!!

    Cheers, Chris.
  2. mjr901

    mjr901 Guest

    My drivers wiper blade, especially the far right of the blade( if your sat in the car) wobbles.

    Drives me nuts, but haven't bothered changing it yet... cars done 20k ish with them so don't see it being too bad.
  3. Boydie

    Boydie S3 8V DSG VCDS Map User

    Loosen or tighten the bolt attaching the wiper arm to the linkage and see if it makes it worse or cures it.

    I would have suggested new wipers but you have said they have been changed.
  4. MrLapou

    MrLapou Well-Known Member

    Rain repellant products in my opinion are a pain in the butt. It's probably that what's causing the problem..
    Apply more of it, to see if that cures the judder or better still stop using it and try several applications of Halfords Intensive Glass Cutter 250ml.

    Halfords | Halfords Intensive Glass Cutter 250ml
  5. turbonutz

    turbonutz Active Member

    wiper arms been took off anytime and maybe not re-attached correct angle? guy tht changed my windscreen a wee bit ago asked to check this with sitting with them on for a wee couple mins.
  6. dan77

    dan77 dan77

    Mine does this after applying rain ex, I think the benefits of rain ex out weigh a bit noise from the wipers, not been doing it for so It might start winding me up sooner or later,
  7. Boon

    Boon Active Member

    The wiper blade needs to be at or very close to 90deg to the glass, if it isn't just bend/twist the arm so that they are at 90deg.

    You won't need to twist them much, even by hand often sorts them out
  8. Smiffi

    Smiffi Member

    Cheers guys. I only ever applied the repellant once so thought I'd have gotten rid if it with extensive glass polishing. Maybe not.

    I'll try and twist the arm slightly and see if that works. The arms have never been removed as far as I know.

    Even with these new blades the bottom of the drivers side blade rattles about the screen as if its hardly touching it.


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