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Wiper blades for my Cab

pigcry Dec 15, 2004

  1. pigcry

    pigcry New Member

    I was looking for wiper blades for my shiney new A4 cab but the normal suppliers like Halfords and Bosch don't seem to cover this model. They do stock them for the saloon and avant but not the cabriolet. Are they really different? Whare else can I get them in the UK apart from going to an Audi dealer (which I asume will be ludicrously expensive)?
  2. A4TdIJonnyboy

    A4TdIJonnyboy New Member

    Have a look at the fitting - you'll see why Halfords haven't got them if you manage to take them off - I think they're an Audi special.

    Unfortunately, it's a Main Dealer thing - I looked all over the Internet and ended up buying them from a Main Dealer in Liverpool for £26.

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