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Winter Wheels

Lee-S6 Sep 20, 2011

  1. Lee-S6

    Lee-S6 New Member


    I've recently bought my S6 and was starting to looking for Winter wheels and Tyres, I'd ideally prefer 18'' wheels/Tyres, but am unsure of the offsets (ET's) I require.

    I've found these 18x8'' ET 35, would they be OK?

    Cheers for any info.
  2. a6george

    a6george Member

    ET 35 will fit your car, come mighty close to your calipers but do fit, I have et35,s on mine.
  3. any thoughts on the tyres? I run my C5 on 18's in the summer and prob goint to swap back to original 16's for the winter with Dunlop SP Winter Sport

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