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Winter Tyres

howatsi Oct 13, 2005

  1. howatsi

    howatsi Member

    With winter fast approaching (Met office forecasting cold snap in early 2006 - can always be wrong) does anyone have any experience of using winter tyres and share experiences and preferences? I have Conti Sport Contacts 2 fitted which are fine, however the main tread pattern grooves runs around the tyre not across it and I would prefer a stronger tread pattern that runs diagonally across the face of the tyre. My concern is no grip uphill or downhill in snow and the obvious consequences even with a quattro. The hills where I live are pretty steep!
  2. imported_Macduff

    imported_Macduff Guest

    Have thought about it but the cost would be high since you really need another set of wheels to mount the tyres to.

    I'd say that most of the time your tyres will be fine so have you thought about other options? I've got a set of Autosocks from Roof Box Company. haven't used them yet but they're supposed to be almost as good as chains (can't use chains with 17" or bigger wheels on the A4). You'd need two sets with Quattro but a lot cheaper than buying winter tyres for all the time you really need them.

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