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Winter Tyres & Wheels

stevehall Nov 18, 2009

  1. stevehall

    stevehall Member VCDS Map User

    Hi All.

    Thought I would put this question out there - Do people use Winter Wheels / Tyres?

    I have a set of 18” RS6 Alloys with some Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta on there – I know these wheels aren’t the most amazing out there, but I don’t want them getting trashed by salt, and I am not sure on how the tyres will perform in the snow (if we get any this year)

    I was thinking of getting some cheap alloys / steel wheels with some winter tyres on there – and thought I would see what other people did for the cold winter months?

    My other reason behind this thinking is that my girlfriend kindly rammed one of my wheels up the kerb and one now needs refurbishing, so I having them off over winter would give me good opportunity to get them all cleaned and the work carried out on them as required.

    What do people think??


    Stephen Hall
  2. Dazmo

    Dazmo Active Member

    Hi steve, ive been thinking the same thing mate.

    Was going to buy some snow tyres for the winter, apparently your supposed to use them when the temp drops below 6 degrees.
  3. IainP

    IainP Member

    Is this really needed in the UK?????
  4. pjmspeedy

    pjmspeedy Dude, what's mine say ?

    Steve - Just put a few coats of poorboys wheel sealer one them and they will be fine.
  5. pegbox7

    pegbox7 New Member

    Its law in some other european countries that you have to switch to winter tyres. Most of my friends who work and live in germany have two sets of wheels a winter and a summer set.

    I don't care how good a sealer is applied on the alloys, the salt will trash them especially if you have polished or diamond cut edges so it makes total sense to have a winter set.

    And thirdly and most important is that our cars are awesome and the right kind of winter tyres coupled with a quattro drive train are just unbelievable the grip you get in the winter months is staggering and if we do get any snow then you just drive around others that get stuck.

    My vote is for a set of 17" genuine AVUS alloys, they are light, they are strong, they look cool, they are cheap and so are 17" tyres !!!
  6. stevehall

    stevehall Member VCDS Map User

    Anyone know where i can get hold of a cheap set of steel wheels? I need to get my wheels off. Now its getting cold and i have seen my first snow fall and griter.

    Another major reason for getting my RS6 alloys off - My girlfriend has smashed another alloy up a kerb, so need to get them off and fixed before the salt completely wrecks them.
  7. dickys3

    dickys3 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I'm just going to stick to my daily alloys and just keep on top of them with the cleaning.
  8. dan_the_v8man

    dan_the_v8man Member

    Im waiting for my car to come back and im going to be trying some 16" steelies (Octavia vRS spare wheel) to see if they fit over my brake setup. If they do Im ordering for for £45 a piece
  9. Nitrouslover

    Nitrouslover New Member

    Hi Dan, could you let me know how you get on with this please? I have Quattro but live a little in the sticks so I am tempted to buy a second set of smaller wheels with winter tyres just in case.
  10. Wrath

    Wrath Well-Known Member

    I'd be interested as well. I'll have to get a new spanner though as the default Audi one gouges my S-Line alloys badly.
  11. WBRacing

    WBRacing New Member

    Oh man - Post Fail! :lmfao:

    Anyway, thanks to pegbox7 - I have just bought an A4 and think your wheel suggestion is a good one. I will look out for a set now.

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