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Winter Special Offers

John @ PB Oct 1, 2010

  1. John @ PB

    John @ PB Member

    The PB Winter Preparation Specials are here!

    Buy Car Care Products | Special Offers

    First up, we have the PB Winter Prep Kit Special Offer | PB Winter Preparation Kit. Consisting of Werkstat Prime Acrylic and Collinite 476, along with the associated pads and towels, the kit has the essentials for winter paint protection – if you do nothing else in terms of paint protection this winter, this kit should see you through ‘til Spring and offers a great saving over buying items separately.

    Next up is the other crucial kit: wheel protection. Special Offers | PB Wheel Protection Kit

    With 20% off, this kit, applied now and topped up occasionally, will protect your wheels from the winter salt and grime, helping to prevent corrosion and long-term wheel damage.

    The ever-popular Werkstat Acrylic Kit is also on special offer. Winter Preparation Special Offers | Werkstat Acrylic Kit One of our absolute favourite kits, the Acrylic Kit is ultra-easy to use and can be applied in very cold weather with ease.

    The three stage kit is one of the easiest to use with no heavy buffing or lengthy cure times. The Acrylic Jett can be layered to excellent effect with increasing durability and finish glossiness.

    The two foam kits are ideal for winter: if it’s really miserable outside and you want to remove the worst of the salt and road film, a rinse, foam, rinse is often a useful process. The Foam Gun Special Offers | PB Foam Gun Kit is for use with a conventional hosepipe, the Foam Lance Special Offers | PB Foam Lance Kit for use with a power washer.

    Both come with Meguiar’s Hyper Wash and a dispensing pump. Hyper Wash has an incredible dilution rate of 400:1 (water/product) and has a strong cleaning action which won’t strip wax or sealant protection.

    The final kit contains some of our newest additions to the store: the Nanolex Glass Sealant range. Special Offers | Nanolex Premium Glass Sealing Kit

    Quite honestly, the Nanolex Glass sealant kit is stunning. In testing, the tight beading and run-off at minimal speed is excellent – 40mph is sufficient to see water run off the screen, all but eliminating the need for wipers. The kit consists of Nanolex Glass Cleaner Premium and Glass Premium complete with applicator pads and towels. This kit really needs to be seen in operation to be believed and with durability lasting up to 25,000 miles from a single application the value for money, especially with 20% off, is also staggering.

    Keep an eye on the site each week for further winter prep specials.
  2. James.Asbri

    James.Asbri Vorsprung Durch Technik

    Some great offers there, thanks!

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