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Wing mirror been hit by someone who cant drive. Prices please for parts...

Mikey Nov 2, 2008

  1. Mikey

    Mikey Member

    Came out to my car this morning outside a mates, i was there for about an hour or so, came to my A3 and noticed the driver side wing mirror was pushed forwards as i got in the car. I got out to push it back and to my horror it had been hit by someone, GRRRR. The road wasnt even narrow so there was no need for me to push my mirrors inwards. Lesson learnt now though. The mirror glass is smashed tho not so bad that I cant see with it, and the inside of the plastic casing is scuffed from where I think the glass has took the impact and dug into the plastic. The motor still works fine. So if anyone can be kind enough to give me a price from Audi for a drivers side heated and electric mirror glass, and a price for the plastic mirror cover that would be great. I might get away with just getting the plastic cover repaired and sprayed as theres no cracks, its just surfac scuffs. But a price anyone would be great. Thanks.
  2. jmohide

    jmohide Member

    I managed to crack the glass on my mirror with a screw driver, don't ask!! I got some new glass from vag parts, was about £30 for the glass delivered, make sure you take out the old glass and check the part number so you get the correct type. Not sure about the casing but am sure someone else will help with that.

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