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Windscreen wipers; Work until I move the stalk

themikeyboosh Oct 17, 2012

  1. themikeyboosh

    themikeyboosh Member


    I think this is a problem that some others have experienced. Today, I was adjusting my wipers from full to intermittent and they stopped working. They parked at the bottom and never came back up. I pulled over turned the car off, waited about 5 minutes and they worked again.

    So I set off, wipers going back and forth, tried turning them off and then back on and they were dead again. Pull over again, waited a few minutes and worked again. Rinse and repeat. I can't go on like this.

    I've searched and have came across a few threads (some from 2008) where some people are saying wiper motor and that there is/was a recall on the wiper motor. My car is a 53 plate 8P, and would I be eligable for recall still if it hasn't been performed in the past? Or is it too long now? I'm going to ring them in the morning and see anyway but thought I'd get a head start.

    Or does anyone know how to fix this problem another way? My lights haven't been changed, it's 100% stock.


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