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Windscreen Wiper Fault

MelA3 Feb 7, 2009

  1. MelA3

    MelA3 New Member

    I have an Audi A3 53 Reg (new shape). Following the clearance of snow on the windscreen, my front wipers suddenly stopped working, including the screen-wash control.

    After checking the fusebox it was believed to be the motor that needed replacing, however after hours of trawling through websites and calling scrap yards, I got a used part fitted but that didn't solve the problem, so the old one was re-fitted.

    I'm trying to avoid taking it to Audi to be left with an £107 per hour labour charge...

    Can you advise as to whether you know of any common faults with windscreen wipers, and if so, any pocket friendly solutions!

  2. d29

    d29 New Member

    I have the same model, and mine did the same in the snow. Turns out it was the motor which was faulty AND a wire had disconnected, somewhere, so they replaced the motor and put the wire back in. Costing me £350 (not even an Audi garage). This was 3 weeks ago. This morning, they broke again, making me think - did they replace the motor in the first place? So I'm off to the garage shortly for them to fix it FOC, hopefully.

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