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Windscreen washers

richcrazy Dec 19, 2008

  1. richcrazy

    richcrazy New Member

    Hi guys, hope some one can point me in right direction on this. My windscreen washers do not work on my recently purchased A4 3.0 Quattro 2001. I can't hear the pump running, nor do the xenon headlight washers work. Checked the fuse box but there is no fuse marked for windscreen or headlight washers.Presume there is another fuse box somewhere (i am just checking the main one at the dashboard end), and a relay which will operate these. Just drove the car home 160 miles yesterday, and it was interesting to say the least when i discovered on the motorway that they did not work!! Not the kind of thing you check when you buy a car though is it!. Any ideas would be appreciated, cheers Rich.

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