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Windscreen Washer Questions

cjp2k Mar 7, 2007

  1. cjp2k

    cjp2k Active Member Team Daytona Audi A4 saloon S-line owners group

    Hi guys, The washers in the fabia vRS and my previous MK5 Golf have got "fan jets" washers.. and as a result need the vag screen wash apparently. When I washed the windscreen in the Audi today it has the old 4 single jets of water... is this correct... suprised Audi didnt have fan jets

    Also the headlight washers go off everytime I was the windscreen when I have lights on... is this normal? In the golf it was every 5th press for a wash


  2. alanjonesbath

    alanjonesbath VAGOwners.co.uk

    Yup, I noticed that the A3 only had the quad jets, unlike my Ibiza which had the fan jets. Personally, I think the combination of aero wipers and the quad jets do a better job of cleaning the windscreen than the fan jets and standard wipers did on my Ibiza, so while I was surprised not to see the fan jets I can't say I was dissapointed.
  3. RobinA3

    RobinA3 Well-Known Member

    VAG Screen Wash?! thats the biggest load of ******** i have heard, i bet you the dealers told you that yeah?

    I was suprised that Audi aint fitted the fan jets seeing as Skoda and VW have them and Audi are meant to be the 'posher' brand!

    Yeah the headlight washers do come on everytime you use the windscreen washers which does get annoying when you just washed your car and use the washer jets and the side of the car gets covered as well!
  4. HeliChris

    HeliChris Learning to fly 3D

    You can get problems mixing screen wash. There was two types which if mixed would turn to jelly blocking the reservoir, but it would have to be very old screen wash cos I think its no longer made.
  5. renfrew

    renfrew Member

    1) Yes both of the A3s I've had (8L & 8P) have been fitted with "squirt" jets as distinct from "fan" jets, which I did have on my Golf about 6 years ago. I much prefer the "squirt" jets because they still work effectively at speed (e.g. on motorways). I found that the fan jets on my Golf used to disappear over the top of the windscreen because of the wind flow over about 40 mph. YMMV.

    2) It's normal behaviour for the headlamp washers only to work when the lights (side or main) are turned on - at least for my 05 plate A3 without running lights. States as much in my manual.
  6. alanjonesbath

    alanjonesbath VAGOwners.co.uk

    Its true :blink: The washer system on the fan jet version seem to freeze up a lot quciker. I think basically you just need a high concentration screen wash that is suitable for like -30 degree temps. I used 'standard' screen wash on my Ibiza, and the rear washer pipe became disconnected twice during slightly cold weather (not even freezing).

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