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windscreen washer bottle removal help please

dyce martin Jan 13, 2011

  1. dyce martin

    dyce martin New Member

    Evening all
    I seem to have sprung a leak on the left hand side of the washer bottle
    a large puddle appears but only happens when i operate my rear washer.
    So i think either the pipe is burst or has simply come off the motor?
    The bottle seems to be in a very awkward position does anybody have any
    tips or procedures for removing the bottle to gain access to the pipework?

    any help would be greatly appreciated
    PS loving my S3 in the snow :sly:
  2. stacey bear

    stacey bear ST8C3Y

    Funny you should say. I have sprung a leak in mine too. But the opposite side. If you undo your pas fluid bottle and move to one side (8mm hex, 1 bolt) and the same with the other reservoir (2x 10mm bolts just inside the wing) and also move to the side. Don't undo any pipe work tho. Then you should be able to see the rear washer pump to the rear of the bottle. There are 2 x 10mm plastic nut things that hold the washer bottle in place. One inside the drivers wing and one between the bottle and head lights. You should be able to move the bottle about enough but it's not the easiest thing to get out fully. Let me know how you get on..
  3. dyce martin

    dyce martin New Member

    ok thanks for the info i will have a crack at it this week and let you know

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