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Windscreen wash bottle

cubby Jan 18, 2010

  1. cubby

    cubby Member

    hi folks. pretty sure my hose going to my back window wiper is off. got a lot of water lying in passenger footwell. been raining here so not positive thats caused by the hose.
    back jets aren't working and resevoir empties pretty fast. about 2l in less than five minutes.
    can't see excessive liquid lying underneath bonnet area.
    front jets are working til resevoir empties and can hear motor operating on front and back.
    posted earlier as i reckoned i had a split in my resevoir.
    now i haven't a clue .
    attempted to take back panel off but only got as far as latch area off. can't seperate 3rd brake light trim from boot lid area. held fast!
    sorry bout the long post but i'm struggling.ta
    a3 2.0 tdi sport 2004
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2010

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