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windscreen, Tints and TT pedals.

- May 25, 2005

  1. Guest

    Had a busy day today, front windscreen collected a big stone, so had to get a new one, while car was booked in noticed that my local Autoglass depot did window tints, and got rear sides 35% and rear screen 25% tinted, looks great, and all for £120 + vat, now is that a good deal, I think so.
    My TT alloy pedals arrived today too, so just finished fitting them, had to bond the accelelator pedal though, but very happy, £24 well spent me thinks!! now if that centre armrest would just arrive...
  2. Guest

    Dont know if it was left or right, never thought to check.

    I took the plastic accelerator pedal off, trimmed the new TT part to allow a better fit, then used epoxy 2 pack glue, and clamped new part and old rubber for 1 hour.
    I then just clicked the whole thing back on the car.
    You could get away with not taking off the plastic pedal, and glueing and clamping, but what happens if you need to use the A3?

    You may be lucky in that your TT pedal will go straight over your existing rubber.

    I used fairy liquid to help get the new pedals on, worked a treat, (I use same trick for fitting suspension bushes etc & it keeps my hands lovely and soft /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/lol.gif)

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