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Windscreen replacement

b00zehound Mar 16, 2009

  1. b00zehound

    b00zehound Member

    Does anyone have any experience of this. Positive or negative?

    I have a couple of chips that I think may warrent the replacement. Im going to contact my insurance company to sort it out.

    I had Autoglass do a windscreen in my pug 405 a few years back and they made a right mess of it. It took 3 attemts to get the chrome strip put back in place. The first guy said it could not be done as it could only be done in the factory!

    I really dont fancy them making a mess of my Audi

    Am I within my rights to say I want Audi to do it or would Audi just get someone like Autoglass to come and do it in their workshop?

    Any thoughts....
  2. white.akita

    white.akita Active Member

    i once phoned autoglass to replace a windscreen in a 1999 a6, they quoted me around £680 if i was claiming on my insurance or £580 if i was paying ! a quick phone around and i got quoted from a few other companys around £160 and they said they would guarantee they would use exactly the same windscreen as autoglass.
    i wasnt covered on my insurance so it was a huge saving.
    i think they are making mugs of insurance companys.
  3. coyote

    coyote Member

    I had my windscreen changed by Autoglass for £60 and the fitter did a perfect job - according to him Audi's are easy:thumbsup:
  4. golf

    golf ***** rent boy VCDS Map User

    Had the windscreen replaced on my R32 for £60. Autoglass just recover their costs from your insurance. As long as you have fully comprehensive cover nearly all insurers will fit a new windscreen for around £60-£80 windscreen excess.
  5. Renbod

    Renbod Member

    Autoglass did mine back in November and I think I had to pay around £75 but I depends on insurance, the guy did a brilliant job and was friendly. He said he liked doing Audi's as the glass so light, then he made me pick up my new screen to see how light it was, I was very impressed considering it's double glassed as well.

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