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Windows opening on their own!?!

daver555 Aug 20, 2011

  1. daver555

    daver555 Member

    Got back earlier with the Mrs just in time for the heavens to open so we ran from the car and through the front door. After about 3 to 4 hours of torrential rain it's now stopped. I walked past the front window and to my confusion and then horror at realising what I'm going to find, the passenger window was open probably by about 2cm!!! I went outside to find that both driver and passenger door windows were open by the same amount and yes you've guessed it the inside was soaked! We didn't leave the car with the windows open and I'm sure I locked the car when we got inside. After firing up the George and vacuming up all the water/moisture I could I've left it to dry on its own. I'm totally confused as to how this has happened and there's something in back of mind saying "you left it unlocked, it got warm inside the car and some microchip sensed it was unlocked with a small child/pet insdie so opened the windows as some kind of safety feature"! Am I barking up the wrong tree or am I onto something? Anyone got any ideas as to what might have caused this?
  2. K4RL

    K4RL Active Member Audi S3

    This has happened to me. My car has the convenience opening option & after locking my car I must have crushed the key in my pocket whilst in the house causing both the windows & sunroof to open. Yes it was also raining at the time, I've now turned this function off on DIS so that it can't happen again. Worth checking on your DIS to see it's turned on, if so this is probably the cause.Karl
  3. rosco11

    rosco11 Member

    This has happened to me a few times but thankfully I missed the rain! I turned the convenience opening off and it still happened and it would be both windows if this was the case not just one.

    I suspected some electrical fault but I think I may have gotten to the bottom of it as my pinky sometimes touches the passenger window switch on my way out. This happens if I open the door with my left hand and push it open with my right after the key is out. The power is then cut as the door opens and stops the window. You don't see or hear the window as you are on your way out.

    Well that's my current theory as I am yet to return to find the window down after checking it is up outside the car.

    Anyone else noticed this?
  4. Staz

    Staz is a retronaut Moderator VCDS Map User

    It's nowt to do with the convenience, it's a fault in the door module. It needs a software update.

    The module detects if there is anything trapped in the window as it's closing, if it does it will open it again.

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