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Window wont close

maxp Jun 9, 2010

  1. maxp

    maxp Member

    As i went to put the window up, it stopped about three inches before the top then moved back down about two inches. Ive managed to coax it about an inch and a half from being fully shut, but if i press the 'up' button any more i know its just gonna send it back down again.

    Ive had a search and a failed window clip seems to be a very common problem. Does this sound like it?

    Considering taking it to a garage to get fixed unless this is someone a bit of an idiot like me can repair?
  2. sportstractor

    sportstractor Chugger

    yeah sounds like window clip, pretty cheap from audi. It does look like a ball ache of a job but there is a good guide on here. Have you tryed holding the glass while somebody sends it up and down
  3. Welly

    Welly VX220 SC Driver :)

  4. maxp

    maxp Member

    Bit of a weird update: Went over to it just now (~5hours later), dared to press the 'window up' button, and up it went!

    This is most strange? Anybody got any ideas as to what has happened? Maybe the mech is on it's way out?

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