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will this work?

leigh258 Oct 25, 2011

  1. leigh258

    leigh258 New Member

    Evening all,

    I've been thinking of ways to put my old sub in the boot of the car, but as i dont have folding rear seats i thought this may be a problem. a solution i keep thinking about though would be:

    Bose system already installed.

    Wire my subwoofer(with built in amp) to the Bose speaker inputs and bridging the remote on/off

    Run a fused power wire of the internal fuse board behind steering column (which ever supports the amp closest to what i need)

    This then allows me to still somewhat control the bass from the original stereo aswell as on the sub itself.
    Is this at all possible? if its not then i get to forget about the idea but untill i know otherwise it keeps popping into my head!

    Thanks for reading,

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