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will the wheels from a2001 Audi S4 , ET 45 offset, 5x112 fit...

joshh Mar 21, 2006

  1. joshh

    joshh New Member

    my 1999 A6 Avant Quattro? they are for sale in my area and i need a new set of rims...will i need to put in spacers? i currently have the stock 16 inch wineglass 9 spoke rims.

    also, does anyone have suggestions for a specific size, type and brand of rim and tire combo?
  2. evomaster3000

    evomaster3000 Member

    No you shouldn't need spacers, i'm guessing they're 17"?
    A4 and A6 running gear and chassis are very similar so most are interchangeable.
    it's when you start messing with 20" rims and tryin to get them under that offset and tyre combo is critical.

    There are some good 18"packages on ebay in rs4 n 6 style for sub £600 if you are looking for that style.

    But i've been told that the tyres should be no less than 225 wide really on an a6,

    Hope this helps
  3. joshh

    joshh New Member

    totally helps. as a new guy to the audi world, the hyper-technical langauge that many of the people who post on here is fairly daunting. thanks for the plain speech. it helps.

    the new guy (and in the U.S.)

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