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will RNS-E from A4 work in my 2000 Audi A6?

shufti Aug 18, 2007

  1. shufti

    shufti Member

    I want to add an RNS-E to my single din Audi a6 and I'm prepared to make an entire retro fit and new front fascia for the new install as I also want to integrate my lpg display sensor and reverse parking display at the expense of losing the ashtray.

    My question is will this unit from an A4 plug and play with my A6? The shape of the facia is not an issue just the compatability.... I'm assuming they are ultimately the same units with a slight difference on the front panel?

    this is the unti I'm considering......

    this is the lead harness I think I need.....

  2. wallacr

    wallacr Member

    I considered purchasing an A6 recently and discovered, thanks to www.navplus.us that the RNS-E for the A6 has a slightly different face plate to the A4. I believe you can purchase a new face plate, but I'm not sure where from.

    You would also have to recode the RNS-E via Vag-Com for the A6.

    Hope this helps.



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