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Will my rear tyres fail an MOT?

Agent_Trig Sep 15, 2011

  1. Agent_Trig

    Agent_Trig Member

    The inner edge of both rear tyres (about 1" in width) is pretty much bald although the rest of the tyre tread is very good. This is the same on both wheels.

    1 - Will this mean a fail on next week's MOT?

    2 - How has this happened as I don't fancy forking out for new tyres only for the same to happen again.
  2. nally

    nally MPG the new BPH

    i would say you would fail. anything lower that 1.6mm i beleve ( could be wrong)
    just get the tyres now and save youself £50 on another test.
    it may be camber angle or alighnment. it it lowered ?
  3. MattBE

    MattBE Member

    The rule is there must be a minimum of 1.6mm across 75% of the tread width. If they are 225 tyres and you have only lost 1 inch then you will be alright - provided there is no damage to the carcass of the tyre. You will probably get an advisory though.

    The inner edge wearing on tyres is usually a result of excessive 'toe-out'. ie the leading edges of the wheels are further apart than the trailing edges. On the rears though it can be a result of suspension geometry where the tyres run on their inside edge when the suspension is compresssed. Often they run extra 'Toe-in' to counteract this. Other issues can be wheel bearings but it is unlikely they would both go at once.

    Personally i would find a good garage who can do a full four wheel geometry check (about £50-£100) which should diagnose the problem.
  4. nally

    nally MPG the new BPH

    yeah what matt said
  5. Jameze

    Jameze James


    I remember having to learn that statement for my driving test.

    My front offside tyre was bald around the edge a couple of years back when I was due an MOT and wasn't sure if I'd fail or not, I only got an advisory though. I changed my two fronts shortly after just to be on the safe side. I wasn't sure why it happened though so just assumed I was driving too fast around roundabouts... in my 1.4 Clio... - I preferred that logic :ninja:

    I can't pretend I know about the second part about "toe-in" though, you could fit my technical knowledge of cars on the back of a stamp :whistle2:

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