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Will battery with Advanced Key an issue or i'm over concerning

bobeagle May 26, 2014

  1. bobeagle

    bobeagle New Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm a newbie and this will be my first new car with such a big pile of money i'm afraid i might be over concerning a little bit.

    Basically I've been choosing from Toyota GT86 and A3 1.4 COD. Very different style I know but they are at the same price and both excel at its territory. During my research I've learnt the GT86 in UK with the keyless entry standard is suffering from flattened battery problem - basically the battery will die in 2 week or so. So that makes me wonder, has anyone got an A3 with advanced key and how long have you been left your car in garage and did anyone encounter any problem with battery?

    Many thanks
  2. the_lecht_rocks

    the_lecht_rocks Well-Known Member

    no issues here with advanced key on my S3 SB.

    comparing the two cars, i'd buy the GT86 every time over the A3 if you dont need all weather performance.

    the toyota has a fantastic chassis set up and RWD is just great fun.

    the A3 in comparison is a shopping trolley - completely different animals IMHO.
  3. bobeagle

    bobeagle New Member

    I agree with you they are completely different animals with GT86 being more fun and more sportier, although to me A3 is more than a shopping trolley: the interior design and build quality is just not a fair match for GT86 not to mention the 1.4COD with more torque (250 Nm@1500 vs 205 Nm@6400) it's not necessarily slower.

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