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Will a TDI 140 flywheel fit TDI 170

c_w Nov 28, 2013

  1. c_w

    c_w Well-Known Member

    Clutches on these cars seem to be shrouded in mystery, with even AUDI not knowing what they fitted until you take the gearbox off!

    Obviously the LUK or SACHS kits will fit on with their respective flywheels, and from what I can see the clutches themselves (ie clutch plate and coverplate) are the same for both 140 and 170 TDI PD models, but the flywheels, are they the same?

    The reason I ask is Eurocarparts list a SACHs flywheel for the 140 (336440740) but it does not show for the 170 model. Also on ebay there are few sellers selling full kits inc flywheels for 140 and 170. But Darksidedevelopments list a different flywheel for the 170.

    The torque isn't massively different between the engines and I imagine it will physically fit, but does anyone know for sure?
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