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Will a home oil change affect the AVS?

jsh712p May 1, 2009

  1. jsh712p

    jsh712p Member

    Ive had my 3.2 for about 6 months - and still have a year to go until the service is due!

    The AVS is showing 370 days. I like working on cars myself (had VR6's before etc) and was thinking of doing a basic oil/air filter service myself.

    Does the computer check the quality of the oil for the AVS - or is it measuring things like driving style/rpm etc?

    I have access to VAG COM - is there anything I would need to reset after an oil change?

    What oil/filter would people recommend. I normally used GSf for the VW - do they sell the correct stuff?

  2. Boydie

    Boydie S3 8V DSG VCDS Map User

    No it wont - I would never wait until service to change the oil

    As long as you use genuine parts and decent oil, there will not be a problem!

    With vagcom, you can turn off the service light no problem!

    Oil filters from vw/audi are cheap so I would just use one of theirs and the suggest oil thats in the logbook!

    If you know someone with a halfords discount card, get it and go buy the oil - the savings are amazing!
  3. frenchy2475

    frenchy2475 Tetbury Audi Parts Man

    Look for the VW507 00 spec on the oil and you cant go wrong. Oil filter part number 071115562C £5.98 INC VAT.
  4. jsh712p

    jsh712p Member

    cheers chaps.

    Ill get the oil/filter done soon-ish then.

  5. alfiejts

    alfiejts Member

    I get mine serviced and stamped based on the AVS schedule - which means I have an official stamp in the service book approx every 21 months and thjat works out at under £100 per year for a dealer stamped service schedule - and then I do my own interim oil & filter change about half way between to keep the quality of the oil up, using VW 507.00 spec oil from my local motor-factors at just £18 for 5 litres.....
  6. jsh712p

    jsh712p Member

    cheers - i think id read your previous post about this - which gave me the idea. With my old VR6 I used to change the oil every 6 months - but on the new engines i think yearly is good enough - two years is mental!

    One question - does the oil filter kit include the seals for the 6mm hex drain bolt? I know on the old VR I didnt bother draining - as it was easy enough to just loosen off the housing and let it all drain out.

    Im not sure if the A3 had a rubber o-ring on the drain point in the filter?


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