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Will a A4 Saloon door fit an A4 Avant

Family Wagon Nov 21, 2012

  1. Family Wagon

    Family Wagon New Member

    Hi all,

    I've done a quick search but I couldn't find the answer so I was hoping the experts on here could help me out.

    Some inconsiderate **** has dented the rear door on my A4 Avant 130 sport the door is creased so I cant pull the dent out and has put a deep scratch in the front door.

    I want to get my p&J back to pristine condition.

    I've managed to find doors in the same colour to swap it over at a reasonable price, but it is from a Saloon are the doors interchangeable with the Avant?

    If it is, is just a case of changinging the door complete or would I have to remove the window frame.

    Thanks for you answers.
  2. renorti

    renorti Member

    apparently doors are the same, but window frame is different, but can be swapped over.
    a friend found this out as sold a set of door cards off a saloon and they fitted an estate model.

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