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Wife wants an A3 SE 1.4TFSi

DaveW Aug 31, 2009

  1. DaveW

    DaveW Active Member

    Hi folks,
    I'm awaiting October delivery of a new A4 S-Line exec :yahoo:
    Whilst looking around the showroom, my wife has also been bitten by the 'Audi Bug' :kissmyrings: and quite fancies a A3 SE 1.4TFSi, to replace her Peugeot 207.

    Does anyone here own an A3 SE 1.4TFSi and if so, what do you think of yours?

  2. mhill

    mhill Member

    Test drove the 1.5 TSi in S Line spec, its a nice drive with a little bit of poke in a big heavy car. A remap may help it a little but there was a serious lack of torque causing you to have to work the gear box and really keep the car in the power band. Really not my cup of tea and the test drive only lasted 5 minutes for me before i turned round and went back to thrash out the deal on a 2.0TSi lol.
  3. Stuhil

    Stuhil Member

    Howdy DaveW...wife picks up her A3 1.4TFSI S-line on Friday 4th...we were looking at a 1.9d Sport but it sounded gruff and rattly so then switched our attentions to the 2.0D S-Line...after much debate we realised we were being blinkered to the petrols...as she only does about 8kmiles per year and the petrol was nearly 2k cheaper and only about 8mpg less we looked at the 1.4turbo...had it for a test drive for 6hrs...wife loved it...blew her 1.6 Twinport SXi Astra away...anyway needless to say she is desperate for Friday to come

    PS..I was quite impressed to, comparing it to my 06 reg 2.0 petrol..same performance stats but much better fuel economy!!! Bizarre...but tha'ts adavnces in technology for you!
  4. kaz219

    kaz219 Active Member

    My friend has a scirocco 1.4 T FSI.

    it really did feel like a 2.0 and will be more than enough power for your mrs driving..

    I'd get an S-Line or Black Edt though if you can - i know they cost more but are more desirable so will be easier to sell and the 8p2 SE and s-line have a 2k to 5k premium depending upon the spec used.
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2009
  5. VRStu

    VRStu Just Looking VCDS Map User

    Good engine the 1.4TSi - It's a big seller at the moment for VAG.
  6. mhill

    mhill Member

    There are two types of 1.4 TSi, the one in the A3 is a 1.4 lump with a turbo charger where as the Scirocco has the 1.4 with a super charger & a turbo charger the same as the new Ibiza Cupra & FR.
  7. James.Asbri

    James.Asbri Vorsprung Durch Technik

    Hi Dave

    I've got the A3 with the 1.4T, I personally think it a great engine. Aswel as being a good engine with enough power (for me) its brilliant on fuel!


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