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Wife has ordered a 1.6 Technik Sportback

DaveW Mar 15, 2010

  1. DaveW

    DaveW Active Member

    Hi folks,

    I got my A4 6months ago and I love it. Now the wife has also decided to join me in the Audi fan club and last week she decided to trade in her Peugeot 207 and ordered herself a brand new A3.

    It's a 1.6 standard Sportback, with the Technik package, in Phantom Black. The Technik seems a really good package; as you will know, you get around £1500 worth of kit for about £400. I know you get the old engine/gearbox, but the wife isn't too bothered about that.

    Are there any Technik owners on here and if so, what do you think of yours? :icon_thumright:


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