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Widebody Rs3 Conversion, Sepang, 275-30-19

KemiksiZ May 10, 2014

  1. KemiksiZ

    KemiksiZ Active Member

    Hi guys :)
    Except the rs3 grill which is on the way
    My 2006 grey audi a3 transformation is almost done ;)

    It took 7 weeks to build this car & costed a lot for sure..
    We use 2 wings on a side in order to given the big flare. We add a wing to the other one buy cutting the blow one. (for the fronts). Now its wider than a rs3, approx 1.5 cm wider.

    For the rears, we seperate the inner mudguardsfrom the rear flares ( there is a solid mud guard inside the reaf flares) and we made it balooned a little. Than for the shape we used the remaining parts from the 4 wings, the mouth of the front wing which we cut out before we add the second wing on it. The rears are like 3 cm wider than a regular A3/RS3.

    Now I'm running on 245-35-19 front & 275-30-19 rears with ET38 , 9.5 wide rims all.

    This is where we started to "MOD" it. Its when the fc$in "MOD BUG" bit me!! :))My car was in the first week. I bought 18 rims right after I bought it.


    This was the main reason for the both conversions. Some ass$$ hit & run at night and found my car as this in the morning :(( I guess I should thank him today!! :))


    This is the first time I tried my S4's wheels as 275-30-19. It will give you an idea how wide is my car right now :)
    PS no rear spoiler on the car yet. Veeery first days of my ownership :)


    I even tried 20's but they were soooo big for the day, now it can be sit well though! :))


    My first conversion from 2006 to 2012 facelift took me like 6 weeks and costed a lot :) P.S Its not me, my younger brother :)


    S6 Leds (its going to be added to my rs3 bumper, I need time to make the fixation) & dumbo RS3 mirrors added:


    I installed RS3 rear valance. Now I have the RS3 side skirts + RS3 rear. Hımmm front seems way too low profile :s :)


    S3 brakes chimmed in from Germany :) They look nice with the final set of Vossens in a widebody Sepang! :))

    RS3 spoiler came from UK :)

    I know I'm a "wheel whore"! Now I have 4 sets of rims 18's + 2 sets of 19's + a set of 1's.

    Here is a teaser:[​IMG]

    Much more to come!
    Last edited: May 11, 2014
  2. Ron burgundy

    Ron burgundy Active Member

    No pic showing..
  3. wuta3

    wuta3 Well-Known Member


    Now find a 5 cyl to dump in her
    Ron burgundy likes this.
  4. KemiksiZ

    KemiksiZ Active Member

    Hahah :))
    Maybe a big turbo ;)
  5. Ron burgundy

    Ron burgundy Active Member

    Ok so there is a pic showing but not showing on this sh@t iphone!! I can't see anything ha
    KemiksiZ likes this.
  6. batch

    batch Well-Known Member Team Glacier Audi S3 quattro

  7. Ironborn

    Ironborn English...not so good

    :wub: Stop with the teasing!! Love the new colour
  8. PhilPree

    PhilPree New Member

    Love the conversation just in the middle of one myself was it hard wiring the new lights and wing mirrors with the indicators in them ?
  9. Omy193

    Omy193 Work Hard, Play Harder :D

    sepang blue is the best colour for an audi 8p IMO
    looks top quality! :thumbs up:

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