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wich brakes ?

poptoprubber Mar 29, 2007

  1. poptoprubber

    poptoprubber New Member

    hi.im puzzled on wich brake set up is on my a4 2.6 quattro 1996.these need replaced for m.o.t(front only) and i was told there where a choice of 3 disc + pads set ups.does any one have a clue how i will find out.sorry not mechanically minded at all. cheers any help appreciated.:huh:
  2. Beerzo

    Beerzo Masa'warty 3200... Talk To Me!

    I wouldnt think it would really matter. My friend ran a setup of GreenStuff pads with Brembo grooved disc's.

    I wouldnt think there will be much difference between the setups that they have mentioned.

    Did they mention any particular differences. If there are a few options I would usuall ask them what they would recommend or if i have time put a post on here.
  3. scrupes

    scrupes bloody great extension bodger

    the 4 choices for the early A4's are:
    solid front discs :
    280mm x 15mm lucas brakes usually fitted to 1.9tdi (90bhp) models
    288mm x 13mm ate brakes usuall fitted to 1.6 petrol engined a4's

    vented discs:
    280mm x 25mm lucas brakes early 1.8 non turbo models
    most other models of A4 have the 288mm x 22mm ATE brakes which is the norm for all quattro models.

    you should expect the cost for the fronts to be around £100.00 for good quality standard parts, fitting is easy enough and could save a garage bill o maybe £75 - 100?
  4. Phantom_A4

    Phantom_A4 Member

    e-mail me your reg mate phantom_a4@hotmail.co.uk i will look up the exact ones for your car and let you know, will also get you a quote from us aswell so you can compare prices.

    We offer OE products so dont be wary. Just to prove it, we supply the local Porsche dealership cause we can get it cheaper than them normally lol :)

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