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Why you need to contact Sky Insurance!

skyinsurance Mar 21, 2013

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    Why you should contact Sky Insurance

    We have a team of knowledgeable car enthusiasts ready to speak to you and run through a quotation. We specialise in insuring YOUR car and we offer up to a 20% discount to members of this car club !

    Who are Sky Insurance?

    We are a Insurance broker who specialise in Modified, Performance and Import Car Insurance.

    How to Contact Sky Insurance


    Tel: 01707 642552

    Check out our Blog:

    Sky Insurance | Modified Cars, The Car Club Scene & Car Events

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    Ariel Atom Experience Competition | Sky Insurance

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  2. skyinsurance

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    We have removed the online quick quotation facility after listening to feedback from customers with regards to hit and miss prices and also customers finding that we offer a better rate over the telephone.

    If you need a quotation from us, we'll need to speak to you on the phone, all the options you need are below:

    Call us on tel: 01707 642552

    Request a call back via Private Message

    Request a call back via email to carclubs@skyinsurance.co.uk

    Request a call back via our website: http://www.skyinsurance.co.uk/call_back_new.phtml

    Quotations should take less than 10 minutes, If you have a long spec/modification list then feel fee to PM or email this to us, along with your contact details.

    Thank you please

    Sky Insurance

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